Handover Inspection Reports And Pre Purchase Building Inspection

Whenever considering to move in a new house, you never compromise on things like property area, the design, the way it is built, and how many rooms does it have. You are not concerned about one major thing, that is its safety. Before moving into a house, it is fundamental to consider the safety standards of the house from a structural point of view. At many times, we fail to note the pretty detailed matters that will be a problem for us in the near future. We, as not an expert of construction and architecture often ignore the minimal glitches that might be troublesome.  

But it is certainly not our fault. We are no field experts and its is human error to overlook these matters, such as to check whether your house has a proper sewage system? And is there a proper a well constructed foundation base for your home? Well, even if we know, we do not know how to see through the mirror. Most of real estate agents can easily trick you into overlooking these glitches. And it is easy to hide them, so you need to have a keen eye. It is really nerve wrecking, and you know, this is the time to call in some experts.  

We, with our handover inspection report in Newcastle, provide you with the best of services you can ask for. We keenly identify all minor and major defects and errors that common people fail to notice. With years of experience, we have been delivering the best in providing evidence based research relating to the house or building under observation.  

With our pre purchase building inspection, we find it important to tell you that it is not just an overall view of the house, we cover all aspects as examining the building on internal and external grounds, a clear view of the roof space and under roof space, floor space and under floor spacing, and garage, carpot, garden shed. We also observe the exterior of the roof keeping in mind health and safety regulations which is main for the client. We also see retaining walls, ceilings, laundries, toilets, and all pathways, stairs, fencing an garages 

With all these services, we make sure to provide you with a detailed analysis of the safety standards of the building you want us to observe. However, any defect found afterwards does not call for money refund, as it is subjected to later on defects. We also clarify that it is not a warranty for glitches. While you hire us to do the work, we make sure that we give our best services in finding any possible error present in the house or the building.